The pink of absolute perfection that crowns global e-trade henceforth will be provided through an ideal monetary institution – PM which aims to deliver the transactions in Internet to the splendid stage.

Basis for the improvement of Per was the revel in of a collection of enterprise founders which include specialists in banking region, licensed attorneys, economists and crew of programmers able in e-finance enterprise on the basic dynamics level. Having analyzed the way handed by the humanity starting from the primary coined money to present day economic companies in Internet, PM went similarly – we offered the world an excellent charge tool relevant in any location of our planet with the aid of any user.

PM analysts have cautiously studied all the price systems that exist within the international these days in addition to all of the processes to estimating charges on this economic category. Subsequently a brand new payment device turned into supplied to the arena which combines all the progress and fine achievements of the worldwide economists and technologists inside the fields of digital forex.

Exactly this precept became accompanied at advent of PM. Numerous researches have proved that we succeeded in combining of multi-degree protection process with the simplicity and comfort of device’s use.

Perfect Money presents unique features for Business and Personal accounts.

While using Perfect Money payment system one can do the following:

  • Perform money transfers between members
  • Receive payments in various business projects in Internet
  • Make regular payments in Internet
  • Safely store money funds on electronic account and get monthly interests
  • Make payment for goods and services in Internet shops
  • Buy Bitcoin, Gold Metal, USD and EUR currency online

How to Deposit

Deposit has in no way been so easy – 7 specific approaches with Perfect Money

To make bills at the Internet with Perfect Money currency you want first of all to load the account. This can be made through numerous techniques allowing you to show your actual wallet right into a virtual one.

Bank Wire : To deposit account you can ship Bank Wire (SWIFT / IBAN) from your on-line banking account or be given Bank Wire from the 0.33 birthday celebration, as an example from your commercial enterprise companion. Giving your companions Perfect Money account information you’ve got an possibility to just accept Bank Wire even if you don’t have a financial institution account. Find out how smooth » it’s miles to fund your Perfect Money account the usage of a financial institution wire.

Instant Bank Transfer : A convenient manner to make a deposit from the comfort of your property. By the use of this technique you’re educating your financial institution to make a transfer to us without touring your local department. The transfers are instant. Available to bank account holders at Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

Certified Exchange Partners : Perfect Money e-foreign money can be bought with different e-forex, Western Union, Money Gram or just for cash. Deposit funds via Certified Exchange Partners .

Cash Terminals : Fast coins based approach to make a deposit to your account at Perfect Money. Create a order at “Deposit” phase of your account, make a deposit at the price terminal close to you. The price range are immediately credited to your account. 150,000 charge terminals to be had throughout Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Bitcoin : Make a deposit the use of a Bitcoin crypto-foreign money. Instantly deposit funds for your Perfect Money B account after 3 network confirmations.

Perfect Money Prepaid Card / e-Voucher :  This is an alternative while you purchase an e-Voucher on the Internet with an Activation code or a Prepaid Card domestically and credit score your account after getting into the code to the special form. For example you can purchase the e-Voucher for e-currency or Western Union with a ramification of on-line alternate offerings or auctions.

E-foreign money : Deposit finances via e-foreign money transfer from the money owed in digital payment systems. All the e-forex deposit transactions are immediately.

How to Withdraw

Withdraw money with Perfect Money

It is straightforward to convert Perfect Money digital foreign money to real money or different price equipment. Money withdrawals may be performed as follows:

Bank Wire : You can withdraw Perfect Money forex via Bank Wire transfer on your on-line banking account or to the 0.33 birthday celebration. If your commercial enterprise partners or some provider receive simplest Bank Wires you could additionally withdraw Perfect Money forex via Bank Wire as a charge for offerings or goods.

Perfect Money Prepaid Card / e-Voucher : Create your own Perfect Money e-Voucher certificate. It’s a exquisite idea to provide it to friends, circle of relatives or reward. Also you could promote e-Voucher or alternate it for coins or e-currency

E-foreign money : You have an opportunity to withdraw budget out of your account in Perfect Money to the account in different electronic price device.

Prepaid Visa / Master Card gift cards : We supply our customers an opportunity to shop for pay as you go cards on line inside a Perfect Money account. For instance, you should purchase “Prepaid Visa Card” for safe and secure buying everywhere at the Internet.

Certified Exchange Partners : Perfect Money e-currency is to be had for sale with Western Union®, Money Gram®. Also you could change Perfect Money to other electronic forex or coins it for your town. Withdraw budget via Certified Exchange Partners .

Bitcoin : Withdraw finances directly for your Bitcoin pockets. Perfect Money lets customers withdraw funds from Perfect Money B bills to the Bitcoin pockets of your desire. All transactions are processed automatically.

What Is e-Voucher?

Have you ever thought of making your personal virtual prepaid card?

Have you ever notion that you could purchase Perfect Money virtual pay as you go card for your e-foreign money on the Internet after which convert it to Perfect Money foreign money? Perfect Money price gadget offers you such an possibility and makes it actual!
A virtual Perfect Money prepaid card with Activation code known as e-Voucher is continually to be had to be created with the aid of any Perfect Money person.

E-Voucher is a special code which you can use to deposit any account in Perfect Money fee device. Also you can supply this code to anybody and they can fund their debts in Perfect Money payment machine every time.

You can send the code of e-Voucher to any electronic mail or cell smartphone range.

If you need to create an e-Voucher you should get right of entry to your Perfect Money account, click on “Withdraw” and click on on “e-Voucher”. Then please write price of the e-Voucher and create it. Please observe that every one the created e-Vouchers are to be had in e-Voucher Depository which can be determined in a “Statement” phase.

If you want to deposit your Perfect Money account you could buy the e-Voucher at the Internet. Next you should get right of entry to your Perfect Money account, click on on “Deposit” and choose “e- Voucher” as a charge alternative.

E-Voucher is a handy manner to pay for goods and/or offerings even in case your patron does not have a Perfect Money account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect Money and its features

Perfect Money is a universal system that was created as a perfect tool for online payments. Here is what you can do using Perfect Money:

  • make money transfers between users;
  • accept payments in on behalf of various business projects on the Internet;
  • make regular payments on the Internet;
  • store funds in a secure electronic account and receive interest;
  • pay for goods and services in various online stores;
  • store your assets in cryptocurrency with no risks and no need to set up an additional wallet;
  • buy Bitcoin, gold, USD and EUR currencies online;
  • borrow and lend funds on your own terms

Each user account is a multicurrency one. It is subdivided into 4 different currency accounts:

  • USD (PM units, the equivalent of United States dollar)
  • EUR (PM units, the equivalent of Euro)
  • GOLD (PM units, the equivalent of the precious metal, expressed in troy ounces)
  • Bitcoin (property rights for the publication of entries in the global public database of bitcoin.org network on behalf of Perfect Money are reserved by Startup Research & Investments LLC);

To become a customer of Perfect Money, you need to register in the system.

2. Registration and login

If you want to register in the Perfect Money system, you need to click on the “Sign up” link at the top of the home page, and then enter your information.

  • A personal account is intended for individuals.
  • A business account is intended for legal entities.
  • Both types of accounts can be used for business activities with no limitations.

A Premium account is the account with exclusive features, especially when it relates to customer support. This type of status is awarded at the end of the first year or upon reaching a certain level of turnover in the account. A client has a right to submit a special application to upgrade his/her status. Having your status as Premium also offers reduced service fees as compared to a Normal status. Please note that Premium account service fee is similar to the verified accounts.

A Partner account is also a privileged type of account which is usually opened by a representative of a payment system, an exchange or a currency exchange service. The award of this status is a sole decision of the Perfect Money Administration. This status helps companies who do business online to optimize B2B payment processing.

To receive a Premium status, you should be registered in the system for at least 1 year and deposit not less than 100,000 US dollars into your account, or its equivalent in another currency.

This may occur if our website server is under maintenance. Please try a few hours later. It is also possible that your IP address is blacklisted by our DDOS protection system. Try to change your outgoing IP address, or contact our customer support.

It is possible that you have entered a wrong e-mail address during registration, or your spam filters blocked an automatically generated message sent by our system. Check your Spam folder; the message will probably be delivered in a few hours. Otherwise please register again using another e-mail address.

You need to send your Member ID and a scanned copy of a document proving your identity. After comparing this information with the data you submitted at registration, your password will be emailed to the email address provided during registration.

Yes, but all the accounts should contain the same personal data.

First of all, make sure that the address bar of your browser displays the proper URL: https://perfectmoney.is. If possible, try to use a virtual keyboard as it will protect you from potential identity theft by spyware. Please remember that to log into your account, you only need to use your username, password, captcha code. In some cases, we may ask you to confirm your identity by entering a code sent to your email. We never ask you for your email address and password. If you see any requests of such kind, it means you are on a phishing site – leave it! We strongly recommend that you enable additional security tools such as SMS Login and the Code Card. These tools will provide high level of protection for your account against unauthorized access. Please make sure that your antivirus is up-to-date and your computer is virus/malware free.

3. My account

“My Account” is the first page you see upon logging into the Member area. Here you can find your recent transactions history, information about your accounts, as well as details about the security tools used in your account. You can also create an additional account here.

4. Internal transfer

To transfer funds, you need to use your account number, NOT the ID number , which is your login. To find out your account number please login to your account. You will see your account numbers within “My Accounts” section. You should choose the appropriate account based on the currency used: “U” – for US dollars, “E” – for Euros, “G” – for gold, and “B” – for Bitcoin.

A list of recipients is a feature designed to conveniently store the account numbers of your recipients in an organized manner.

A single payment is an instant one time payment. The value of the payment is set by you. A scheduled payment is a feature that allows users to schedule payments to specified accounts on preset dates and of preset value.

No, you cannot. All payments made within the system are final and irreversible.

In order to send money to someone`s mobile phone, you need to specify the amount, the account you want to send money from and the mobile phone number of the receiver. An e-Voucher code will be sent to his/her mobile phone. The receiver has to activate this code for the money to show up in his/her account.

You can send money by e-mail to anyone, even if he/she does not have a Perfect Money account. All you need to do is to indicate the receiver e-mail address, the exact amount and the account you want to send money from. The recipient will receive an e-mail containing a special link to the Perfect Money website. Once registered at Perfect Money, your recipient will be able to get the transfer.

To find out an internal transfer fee, you need to fill out the form on the “Send Money” page, click “Preview” and see the exact fee to be paid.

It is possible that your transfer was regarded as suspicious by our intelligent antifraud monitoring system and was forwarded for manual processing. This process is a bit longer than the automatic transfer. If your transfer is delayed for a few hours, please do not worry. After your payment is verified and confirmed as legal, the money will be credited to the payee`s account.

A Quick Payment is an option that allows you to save time on internal transfers in the Perfect Money system. It is a button integrated into the website interface, and it is available on any page of the website. It helps to make internal transfers in a few mouse clicks.

The only difference is a transaction speed. A user does not waste time on going to the proper page, selecting currency, confirming details and so on. He/she only needs to specify the receiver account and the system will automatically choose the proper currency and the account to withdraw the funds from. The Quick Payment interface appears immediately upon clicking on the “Quick Payment” button located under the menu of the Member Area.

The service fee remains the same – 0.5% of the transfer amount for verified and premium accounts. For unverified accounts the fee is 1.99% of the transfer amount. The fee is always deducted from the account balance of the sender.

Any time you need to make a quick transfer, please log into your account and click on “Quick Payment” at the upper left corner of the menu. Fill in the form with the receiver account number and transfer amount. The system will automatically determine the proper currency and the account to withdraw the funds from for this transfer.

The system selects an account with sufficient funds. If a user has several accounts with sufficient balances, the system will ask the user to make this choice.

5. Exchange

Given that currency markets are highly volatile and currency rates change rapidly during the day, currency exchange may become very profitable. By exchanging one currency into another, you can make money or protect your savings.

The analytical service of Perfect Money allows you to know whether you get profit or loss from your currency exchange transaction. To check the results, go to the “Exchange Analytics” section by clicking the link at the bottom of the screen in the “Exchange” section. Here you can see analytics on each exchange transaction.

You can view analytics and news on the currency market in the “Analytics” section to make your exchange activity more effective. To stay informed, please enable notifications on exchange rates to receive updates directly to your e-mail or mobile phone.

To make changes, go to “Settings” and click “Notifications”.