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Over 100 years in the past a economic tool, a financial institution check, has made viable cash loose payments between bank clients… Most people become pretty inspired!

Why can we want e-voucher?

Now it’s your flip to be inspired by the opportunities supplied by way of the financial product known as e-Voucher.

E-voucher helps to:

  • Transfer money to any receiver around the sector (the recipient will acquire e-voucher wide variety and activation code by way of SMS, even though he/she has no PM account).
  • Pay on-line for goods and services securely and confidentially.
  • Easily change e-voucher to another e-currency or coins thru online change service.

Secure and confidential

Sender account undisclosed

Pay to mobile phone

Exchange to real money

How to create an e-voucher and how does it look like?

To create an e-voucher select an account to debit cash from and preferred price of your e-Voucher. You will want to pay a small price to create an e-voucher. Valid E-Voucher includes quite a number, activation code, amount and date of introduction (see under).

How can i use my e-voucher?

Case 1: A carrier you have got ordered is because of be added quickly. However, you are away journeying and not using a access to your Perfect Money account.

Solution: Log into your Perfect Money account, create an e-voucher and send it to the recipient.

Case 2: You need to pay for a products or services to an person that doesn’t reveal his/her Perfect Money account variety for anything reason.

Solution: Ask a person for his/her cellphone variety. Log into your Perfect Money account, make a price to cellular smartphone and inside a 2nd the recipient gets an SMS to his/her device with your e-voucher details. Later that individual will to sign up a Perfect Money account and prompt e-voucher.

Case 3: You are a visitor and also you do not like to carry cash with you?

Solution: There are more than 200 licensed exchangers of Perfect Money running international. Go to the Exchangers section and take a look at for the trade services available at your vacation spot. Once you will discover one, you can without difficulty create an e-voucher and cross on a trip. Having arrived at decided on exchange’s workplace you’ll provide your voucher quantity and activation code. You might also go to the exchanger internet site and make withdrawal on-line the usage of your e-voucher. This may be very handy, huh? Perfect Money is broadly used in extra than a hundred countries global and provides offerings via 22 languages interface to be closer to its clients.